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Dental financing that makes sense.

We work with providers to give them the tools to confidently say "yes" to patients with bad credit. 

It can be really disappointing having a patient who needs major dental treatment walk out your door because they don't qualify for financing.

Imagine if you were able to tell every single patient,

“You qualify for financing!”

How it Works

So what is the solution?


Phundid is a no-fee to provider system that allows dental providers to in-house finance their dental work, but outsource the collections. Phundid covers its expenses by charging an interest rate commensurate with the patients credit score and ability to pay, and all principal is paid to the provider. Payments are reported to the credit bureaus, affecting the credit score of the patient.

Phundid will make suggested payment terms based on the patient's credit score and other indicators. The dental provider maintains full control of whether to approve or decline treatment, and can custom set any terms they feel comfortable with to limit their risk, including delaying treatment until a certain level of of payment has been received.

For instance, Phundid might suggest that for a treatment plan of $10,000 for a particular patient, the provider should require payments of $300 per month and wait to begin treatment until $3,000 has been collected. The provider might decide to customize the threshold to $4,000 until treatment begins.


Once approved by the provider and patient, payments will begin immediately. Phundid will notify the provider once the threshold has been met, as well as provide a report of payment history, so treatment can be scheduled. If payments haven’t been regular, the provider can decide to not continue and the patient will be refunded the amount paid to date.

How it Works

Why Us?

Patients with good income but poor credit have limited options for outside financing. Even patients with good credit have to deal with extremely high interest rates for medical financing. Turning away patients with poor credit, or those who don’t want to finance at high rates can be costly to your business.


To overcome this obstacle, some offices offer in-house payment plans, but this can create a few different kinds of problems for the provider. First, there is little incentive for the patient to finish paying the bill once the work is done. Second, patients who don’t pay for their work are more likely to leave a negative review for the provider during the collections process, after getting sent to collections, or after the provider refuses follow-up work due to lack of payment. Third, it provides a burden to office staff to handle collections and deal with potentially angry customers.

Phundid solves these problems for providers.

Why Us


By leaving difficult collections conversations to a third-party, dental providers and patients can maintain amicable relationships, and focus on providing excellent treatment. Phundid will handle any difficult conversations that need to be had.


Since the provider (you) can decide on terms that work for you, when you partner with Phundid, you can tell every patient, “You qualify for financing!”.


CLICK HERE to contact a Phundid representative.

  • What is Phundid?
    Phundid works with health care providers around the country to provide an affordable and flexible lending solution for patients needing financing, including for those who may have poor credit.
  • How does Phundid loan to people with poor credit?
    Phundid works in partnership with it’s healthcare provider partner. The partner decides the terms that it’s comfortable offering, including size of down payment and payment term. Phundid creates a loan product and determines credit worthiness. If the provider accepts the terms, Phundid handles collections and reporting of payments to credit bureaus.
  • Why should my office use Phundid?
    Collections from patients for in-house financing can put a healthcare provider in a difficult situation. They need to collect for services rendered, but they also want the patient to be happy with them, and patients are rarely happy when the bill collector calls. Many low rated reviews made by patients online are due to offices trying to collect from patients. Phundid can handle this for your office.
  • Can I apply for a loan through Phundid?
    You can only apply for a loan through Phundid if your health care provider is a partner.
  • How can I apply for a loan through Phundid?
    Your health care provider will provide you with a link to begin the process of applying for a loan through Phundid.
  • Can I apply with a co-signer?
    Yes. Any joint applicant will be agreeing to the same terms and conditions and payment plan as the original applicant.
  • How can my office become a partner?
    Contact our office and we can provide information on how your office can say “yes” to every patient needing financing.
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